You Know How We Do!!!
2007 Whack Off Records: Produced By Spliff
*Despite what beat, acoustic guitar, or Top 40 hit one may hear this song over top of,
all original melodies were created by Lazy Ass Destroyer and Spliff Dogg. Don't be fooled.
 After Lazy Ass Destroyer released V.05 The Beta Version in 2005 he quickly began working
on his first studio album titled You Know How We Do!!! Recorded at Whack Studio and filled with
vintage Whack beats, drunken flows, restored Beta Version songs, and a slew of the Whack Crew
representing; YKHWD would quickly receive instant classic status  throughout the D Nation as
Lazy, Spliff, and Blaze
shortly after YKHWD's release. YKHWD is a concept/party album that
is filled with amusement from start to finish. Throw on some headphones, sit back, and enjoy.

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1. Plasta Basta (Music by Spliff: Backup vocals by Blaze, Jellybean, Sket, and Spliff: Scratches by Blaze)
2. Let It Flow (Music by Spliff: Backup Vocals by Spliff: Spleen Outro by Josh H.)
3. All Packed In (Beat by Cookie Jarvis: Guitars by Spliff and Cookie Jarvis: Backup Vocals by Sket and Spliff: Scratches by Blaze)
4. Hey Lazy (Beat by O.D.B: Chorus by Jellybean and Blaze: Drums by Lou from Peru)
5. Fuck It (Music by Spliff: Extra Vocals by Spliff and Tnutz: Scratches by Blaze)
6. Bang Your Head (Beat by Cookie Jarvis: Backup Vocals and Guitar by Spliff: Scratches by Blaze)
7. I'm A Bee (Music by Pat: Extra Vocals by Jellybean and spliff)
8. What You Are (Beat by Blaze: Extra Vocals by Spliff, Blaze, Lou from Peru, and Jack Gamble: Guitar by Cookie Jarvis)
9. Troubled Man (Beat by Cookie Jarvis: Guitar by Spliff and Cookie Jarvis)
10. Such A Sin (Music and Extra Vocals by Spliff: Scratches by Blaze)
11. Rock The Boat (Music by Spliff)
12. In Lazy Color (beat by Blaze)
13. Zombies (Music by Spliff)
14. Liquid Codeine (Music and Backup Vocals by Spliff)
15. In The Middle Of The Night (Music by Spliff: Extra Vocals by Spliff and Tnutz)