2012 BlazeWright Records: Recorded At Blaze Wright Studio
*Descriptions you've heard before have now been shortened due to constant steroid use.
We are not responsible for what goes on during these certain explanations.

Thanks to Krusty's recent involvement in Lazy D's conception of live music,Re-Blazed was
incorporated to provide potential followers a proper representation of the newly
enhanced live show. It consists of old school fan favorites completely redone
without compromising any of theoriginal compositionís integrity.Songs were
remixed by affiliates of the original version and designed to represent a place in history

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1. In Lazy Color (intro)
2. Such A Sin
3. Soundcheck
4. You Don't Know
5. All Packed In
6. Let It Flow
7. Ron Jeremy
8. Watcha Wanna
9. Troubled Man
10. MC
11. What You Are
12 I'm A Bee
13. Fuck It