RCR: Hot Shit

2011 Self Released:  Recorded At Blaze Wright Studio
*All songs created by River City ransom, recorded at Blaze Wright Studio, and inspired
by the respective music heard on Hot Shit. Rinse and Repeat. Hide your beat.

Surely most people wonder what type of hooligans Lazy Ass Destroyer wanders around with while
committing his self-proclaimed debauchery and other intimate stylings at Whack Studio. If you
are one of them, River City Ransom's first release (appropriately titled Hot Shit) should answer
some of your questions and make you question why you asked in the first place.
River City Ransom's Hot Shit combines tomato soup Grill Cheese flows and the steamed
broccoli mind of Sket Brock along side Lazy Ass Destroyer's usual daily antics. Hide your beat.

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1. Get Wild (Hot Shit)
2. Soundcheck (Remix)
3. Anthem
4. Turn It Up
5. Fuckin' Bitches
6. Buy Your Own Drink
7. Fuck The Chorus
8. Watcha wanna
9. How We Do
10. We Go Hard
11. What You Are (Remix)
12. Still Smokin'
13. Cyborg Bitches