2011 Whack Off Records: Produced By Spliff
*Songs you've heard before have now been circumcised while on steroids.
We are not responsible for what goes on during these certain re-visitations.


After years of false fruition and futility, dismemberment convincingly fell upon the
Lazy Ass Destroyer and Spliff. Whack’s 2011 release of the Lazy Ass Destroyer’s Bump EP
administers termination to a collection of classics. Determination is disregarded
during roughly twenty six and a half minutes.


1. A Day To Remember Intro (Produced by Spliff)
2.F#%k It (Produced by Spliff: Additional Vocals by Spliff, Tnutz, Dizzy Cow, and Reeko: Scratches by Blaze)
3.Let It Flow (Produced by Spliff: Additional Vocals by Spliff)
4. Plasta Basta (Produced by Spliff: Additional Vocals by Jellybean and Spliff: Scratches by Blaze)
5.MC (Produced by Sket Brock and Spliff: Additional Vocals By Sket Brock)
6. I.T.M.O.T.N. (Produced by Spliff: Additional Vocals by Blaze and Spliff)
7. Bang (Produced and Performed by Spliff)
8. You Don't Know Outro (Produced by Minority and Spliff: Additional Vocals by Hoodie and Steezo)