V.05 The Beta Version
2005 Whack Off Records: Produced By Lazy & Spliff
*If there were an excuse for this album or an accredit towards recognition
to be stated, this is where it would be placed. We're just sorry.

Packed with rare studio tracks, cell phone messages, drunken freestyles, and about
nine-thousand versions of Plasta Basta; V.05 The Beta Version, released in 2005, is a virtual
dump that chronicles Lazy Ass Destroyer's earliest years. Spliff and Lazy created this record
while hurling thirty-packs of Miller High Life at each other and documenting the debauchery.
V.05 The Beta Version is extremely explicit as it depicts the trials and tribulations that surround
the beginning of the mysteriously mesmerizing Lazy Ass Destroyer.
Seriously, you have been warned.

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1. Plasta Basta
2. In The Middle Of The Night
3. A Chord Party
4. Troubled Man
5. Let's Kick It
6. Bow To Da Wow
7. Some Acoustic Show
8. Who's Got The Bacon?
9. I Found Your Car
10. Scholars Of The Soul   
11. I'm Outside Your House
12. Plasta Basta (Spliff Mix)
13. Call Me Back
14. Drunken T.H.A.
15. Grandpa Don't Know The T.H.A.
16. Busted
17. Plasta Basta (Cookie Jarvis Mix)
18. Spliff The Producer
19. Plasta Basta (21 Times Mix)
20. Six In The Morning (Part One)
21. Six In The Morning (Part Two)